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GMH plays Pokémon Crystal Emu Edition: the Quest for the Full Pokédex

edited 2016-04-05 00:43:58 in Media
I'm playing this romhack of Pokémon Crystal.

This thread will be used as a log for what pokémon I've seen and caught.  Or rather, seen and logged, since I don't necessarily catch stuff like secondary evolutions.

Seen + Logged: Totodile (starter)
Seen: Chikorita
Seen + Logged: Sentret, Pidgey, Hoppip, Rattata, Geodude, Spearow
Seen + Logged: Unown B, G, I, J, K
Seen + Logged: Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Caterpie, Metapod
Seen: Bellsprout, Hoothoot, Pidgeotto, NidoranF, Zubat

Acquired EGG.

Edit: I should probably mention, my player-character's name is YUNICA (I'm using the female player-character, for what it's worth), and my rival's name is KISHGAL.  The names come from Ys Origin characters.


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    Logged: Bellsprout, Butterfree, Ekans
    Seen: NidoranM, Poliwag, Magikarp, Goldeen, Wooper

    Hahahaha, holy carp, that one fisherman with the level 5 magikarp, level 5 magikarp, and surprise level 15 magikarp.  And one last level 5 magikarp.  FYI the level 15 magikarp knows tackle.  I was amused.
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    Logged: Sandshrew, Zubat
    Seen: Onix, Koffing, Machop, Slowpoke

    This game has more interesting opponent trainer party level compositions.  I just fought a hiker with a level 4 geodude, a level 6 geodude, and a level 8 geodude.

    Also I guess I should return to Union Cave on a weekend.  Or maybe Friday.
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    The egg just hatched!

    Logged: Oddish, Togepi, Gastly, Poliwag, Hoothoot
    Almost logged I'll just call this "missed": Wooper, Spinarak

    Why does a Team Rocket grunt have gymleader music?
  • edited 2016-03-24 23:11:55
    Togepi got to level 7 and learned metronome.

    I attempted to have it defeat a level 5 Hoothoot.

    First up was Harden.  Then Wing Attack, which did a little damage.  Night Shade occurred at some point and I just learned that it now obeys type immunity (since it's a Ghost move).  At another point, it threw up Acid Armor.  And also Attract.  And also Foresight.  And at one point there was a Hyper Beam.

    I ended up using all 10 PP of Metronome, though I can't remember what two of the moves were.  But the last move KO'd the Hoothoot...as well as Togepi, because it was Explosion.

    That was totally worth it.
  • edited 2016-03-24 23:17:41
    Whirlpool - did very little damage to a Poliwag.
    Egg Bomb - critted the Poliwag.

    Teleport - fled from battle against a Hoothoot.

    Supersonic - failed on Gastly.
    Egg Bomb - again...and fails on Gastly.
    Poison Sting - boring against Gastly.
    Hyper Fang - doesn't affect Gastly.
    Mud-Slap again.
    KO's the Gastly on the last PP of Metronome with Spark.

    This is some surprisingly amusing bullshit.
  • edited 2016-07-28 14:55:24
    Logged: Spinarak, Wooper, Slowpoke

    Bill suddenly called me (how does he have my number?) and told me my box was full.  Time to switch boxes.

    Actually, time to rename boxes and rearrange the heck out of this.

    Box 1 - the random dump box.
    Box 2 - "2stg lvl" - 2-stage pokémon that evolve by level. (e.g. hoothoot)
    Box 3 - "3stg lvl" - 3-stage pokémon that evolve by level. (e.g. pidgey)
    Box 4 - "3stgston" - 3-stage pokémon whose last evolution occurs by stone. (e.g. oddish)
    Box 5 - "2stgunus" - 2-stage pokémon whose last evolution occurs by unusual means. (e.g. togepi)
    Box 6 - "3stgunus" - 3-stage pokémon whose last evolution occurs by unusual means
    Box 7
    Box 8
    Box 9
    Box 10 - "Completd" - mons with completed evolutions
    Box 11
    Box 12
    Box 13 - "UNOWNA-F" - Unown A-F, and maybe some other things at some point.
    Box 14 - "UNOWNG-Z

    Note that in this Emu Edition romhack of the game, trade-evolution mons evolve as follows:

    I think I might want to preferentially evolve 2-stage mons first, so I get those out of the way, and then work on 3-stage mons.  (Except for Beedrill and Butterfree which I've finished.)

    So perhaps I should make my team a mix of 2-stage mons and level-based 3-stage mons.  All of those are ones whose movesets I don't have to worry about missing out on.  Then I'll work on the other ones later.
  • Current team after rearrangements:

    Totodile :L15
    Sentret :L12
    Ekans :L7
    Spinarak :L4
    Gastly :L5
    Hoppop :L9

    Also, apparently, pokémon are healed when sent to Bill's PC.  Because when I go to retrieve them, they are all at full.
  • I might want to bring Slowpoke along just to insult the Rocket grunts in the Slowpoke well.  BRB, going back to Pokémon Center.
  • Logged: Bellsprout, Butterfree, Ekans
    Seen: NidoranM, Poliwag, Magikarp, Goldeen, Wooper

    Hahahaha, holy carp, that one fisherman with the level 5 magikarp, level 5 magikarp, and surprise level 15 magikarp.  And one last level 5 magikarp.  FYI the level 15 magikarp knows tackle.  I was amused.

    Hey man.  Magikarp are dangerous.

  • edited 2016-03-25 01:04:43
    That went well.

    What didn't go well was that I didn't see my rival being at the edge of town.

    True to the names I chose, Kishgal (my rival) beat the crap out of Yunica (me).
  • edited 2016-03-25 02:47:14
    That went well.

    What didn't go well was that I didn't see my rival being at the edge of town.

    True to the names I chose, Kishgal (my rival) beat the crap out of Yunica (me).

    Let's try this again.  But instead, I will notice that I have two poison types on my team, and I will also notice that I have Slowpoke on my team.  And I will swap out Spinarak and Slowpoke for Rattata and Geodude.  And maybe train Geodude up a bit better.

    Logged: Onix, "WRATHWAG" (Poliwag intended for becoming Poliwrath)
    Pokéballs wasted on failed captures: about 4 so far?

    Incidentally, that Onix has replaced the Geodude.  I used a Geodude in my first Gen 1 run, and besides, being able to Screech someone (-2 stages defense) with few consequences is worth it.

    Also, Hoppip stops being useless on its own when it hits level 10, since it learns Tackle.

    And hey, I totally forgot that there's a gym here.

    Wait, aren't gyms only supposed to be in cities, not towns?  That's how it was in gen 1...
  • I remember running a Jumpluff in G2.  Leech Seed, Toxic, Protect, Giga Drain.
  • edited 2016-03-25 07:11:45
    All that really matters is we could be friends~☆
    I'll just call this "missed": Wooper
    How did you miss Wooper? They're as ubiquitous as Flaafy!
  • I'll just call this "missed": Wooper
    How did you miss Wooper? They're as ubiquitous as Flaafy!

    hit too hard, ended the battle.
  • BeeBee
    edited 2016-03-25 20:27:19
    Most of the early Pokemon are easy enough to catch that you can just kinda throw a ball or two without attacking and it'll work anyway.
  • Gallina seráfica
    ^^ That's why I like that Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance thing where you capture 'mons by beating them within a couple turns of using a pokéball equivalent.
  • Wow.  GSC's -- or at least Crystal's -- AI is definitely better than RBY's.

    Bug pokémon sucked horribly in RBY, of course.  GSC has a gym of it.  I expected it to be reasonably challenging, and I went through it with minimal difficulty by judicious use of my mons (despite my really inefficient team of Hoppip, Onix, Gastly, Rattata, Sentret, Totodile).

    Well, until I got to Bugsy.  I laughed at his level 14 Metapod (who knew Tackle, to its credit) and level 14 Kakuna (which did nothing but String Shot my Rattata, who knows Quick Attack).

    Then he sent out his signature/best mon, Scyther.

    I threw in my Onix, figuring that it didn't have any good bug moves, as it didn't in RBY.  Would probably throw normal moves at me.  Well, was I wrong.

    My Onix withstood a few hits to put some Screeches on it.  But I noticed Fury Cutter dealing more and more damage.  Well, fug.

    Remember that Bug is still all physical in Gen 2, and it's not blunted by Rock, nor nullified by Ghost.  Both my usual counters to these sorts of moves (which are mostly normal) were useless.  (Gastly also has cruddy physical stats.)

    I almost had it, too.  Both Rattata and Sentret knew Quick Attack.  I just needed to bring them out fast enough to each throw one attack at that Scyther, and Onix also had to stay alive for long enough.

    I wonder if a mon with Growl would work well here.  Perhaps I should have brought my Spearow...or my Pidgey, which knows Sand Attack, which resets Fury Cutter's damage ramp.

    I wonder if I should instead have started with Gastly, trying to do Hypnosis first.  Unfortunately I think none of my mons natively outspeed that level 16 Scyther, despite Hoppip and Gastly being already pretty fast (but they were only like level 12).
  • Yeah GSC started using actual strategy, albeit bare-bones stuff like "spam fury cutter".
  • Well the AI I noticed actually stuck to damaging moves that worked, when it randomly happened on them, rather than going back to stuff like Growl or Tail Whip.
  • edited 2016-03-29 21:23:02
    GOT IT!

    So this time, I went in with slightly better preparation (such as a trip to the Pokémon Center before the gymleader), but most importantly of all...

    I became spiteful.

    I threw my L. 15 Gastly at Bugsy's L. 16 Scyther.  The first hit of Fury Cutter dealt 1 damage.  The second hit dealt 1 damage.  I put it to sleep.  Then I used Spite.

    It took off 4 PP from Fury Cutter.  And then 2 PP.  And then 5 PP.  And then 4 PP.  And then 3 PP.

    I think it ran out at that point, because when Scyther woke up, it used Leer.

    Put it back to sleep, switched to L. 11 Onix, Screeched at it three times.  Then I used Bind and Tackle.  It was slow going, but all it could do to me was Leer and Quick Attack.  Even with a couple Leers, it couldn't even get past the halfway mark on my Onix's HP.

    SEEN: Ledyba, Paras, Scyther
    ACQUIRED: Gastly's Mean Look, Rattata's Hyper Fang, a HIVEBADGE, and a TM49 teaching Fury Cutter that I will never use because TMs are still only single-use and I thus feel they're too valuable to use ever since I had that one stupid moment when I taught Dig to a Diglett way back when.
  • Wow, is Sentret really that slow?  My L.13 Sentret is being outsped by a L.5 Pidgey.
  • Gallina seráfica
    Yeh, IIRC trainers in RBY used whatever move of a super effective type (even if it wouldn't do anything) and would do random things otherwise. GSC is where you get trainers that actually look like they're trying to win.

    Screw you, Miltank.
  • > Screw you, Miltank.

    Isn't Rollout a move that similarly to Fury Cutter gets more powerful as the battle goes on longer?

    And in any case I remember reading that there are different AIs for different trainers in RBY.  The gymleaders, naturally, got the best AI.

    That person with the six magikarps is an idiot even without AI though.
  • edited 2016-03-29 23:10:44
    Gallina seráfica
    Isn't Rollout a move that similarly to Fury Cutter gets more powerful as the battle goes on longer?

    Yes. On the downside it has a limit of 5 turns per use and can't be stopped by its user. On the upside, it has 3x its power.
  • I keep telling you, man.  Magikarp are fucking dangerous.  You think you're safe, and then they sweep a team of legendaries.
  • I could progress in the game but I don't feel like doing it until I get to play in the morning, because then I can get different mons to appear.  I suck at waking up early enough to do this though.
  • edited 2016-05-27 19:36:51
    So I'm bored and waiting in an airport.  Perfect time to play.

    So last time I left off, I defeated Bugsy.  And got some stronger mons because of it.

    Kishgal was far easier.  I did lose Gastly to his Bayleef, while trying the same strategy against its main move (Razor Leaf) as I did against Scyther's Fury Cutter, but my Hoppip with Poisonpowder and a Psncureberry itself (since Bayleef also has Poisonpowder).  (That 0.25x really helps.)

    His Zubat has Bite, which my Onix falls to in four hits, but I did get Onix to Screech it three times (getting lucky with it wasting time on Supersonic), so when I switched to Rattata, one single Hyper Fang wiped it off the field.

    (He led off with a Gastly.  Notably, Bayleef is his third mon, but he sends it out second rather than last.)

    "I hate the weak. Pokémon, trainers. It doesn't matter who or what. I'm going to be strong and wipe out the weak.

    Seriously, this guy sounds very much like his namesake from Ys Origin.  I wasn't even planning on the name being this fitting.

    SEEN: Bayleef.
  • edited 2016-05-27 19:43:33
    Okay, so this is the difference between my level 14 Sentret and my level 13 Rattata.

    Sentret: Attack 20, Defense 18, Special Attack 19, Special Defense 21, Speed 12.
    Rattata: Attack 24, Defense 15, Special Attack 12, Special Defense 15, Speed 28.

    No wonder everything outspeeds Sentret.  Even my level 12 Onix outspeeds it.  Then again my level 12 Onix is almost as fast as my level 13 Rattata, with Speed 24.

    Anyway, my current team is:
    :L14 Sentret
    :L15 Gastly
    :L12 Onix
    :L13 Rattata
    :L14 Hoppip
    :L16 Totodile

    I'm severely lacking on non-Normal attack moves -- all I have is Lick and Water Gun.
  • All that really matters is we could be friends~☆
    I did lose Gastly to his Bayleef
    GMH I am dissappoint.

    Nobody loses to the Chikorita line.


    all I have is Lick and Water Gun.

    How did you manage that?
  • BeeBee
    edited 2016-05-29 01:45:51
    I remember Sentret being unexpectedly slow, yeah.  Then again, Rattata is unusually good (if a one-trick kind of guy) for early game in just about any gen that offers it.

    It's the same problem as Zubat -- people dismiss it because it's the most common thing ever, but it's probably a lot more powerful than your team of special snowflakes.  Of course, part of that is probably out of spite, which is understandable.
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